Living Legacies on Bellingham’s Waterfront
Nomination Form

Bellingham SeaFeast 2017 seeks nominations for the annual Living Legacies of Bellingham Waterfront. Each year Bellingham SeaFeast selects three families or individuals to celebrate as a Living Legacy of Bellingham’s Waterfront.

WHAT is the Living Legacies on Bellingham Waterfront program?

Living Legacies on Bellingham Waterfront showcases and honors individuals and families who have worked in, on, or around our waterfront for many years – often multi-generational.

 WHY honor our own Living Legacies?

Rather than highlight celebrities from outside of our community, we recognize that we have people all around us who are worthy of celebrity status. We proudly tell their stories, and honor them at the event.

HOW does Living Legacies work?

The Bellingham SeaFeast festival planners will select three individuals or families to showcase annually. Through coverage in all of our publicity, our community will gain an appreciation for the pride and dedication these legacies demonstrate.

WHO is eligible?

Living Legacies on Bellingham Waterfront nominations must have participated in commercial fishing or waterfront industries during the last year and attend and meet the public atBellingham SeaFeast 2017, September 22-23.

WHEN does this happen?

The event management team will make selections and announce them during Summer 2017, and introduce them with special recognition and events at the Bellingham SeaFeast 2017. 


1.     Please complete the Nomination Form below

2.     Deadline:  May 31, 2017

3.     Selections and announcements June 15, 2017.