A Mélange of Menus

Saturday, Sept. 22, Zuanich Point Park

While seafood reigns supreme all around Bellingham SeaFeast, including the Food Court, its vendors offer something for everyone. Pizza. Chowder. BBQ. Mex. Hawaiian fish soup (poke). Shrimp ceviche. Cajun. Grilled oysters. Indian fusion. Burgers, hot dogs, espresso/coffee, and a lot of snacks and ice cream. Nosh away. 

We appreciate our vendors’ commitment to make Bellingham SeaFeast a Towards Zero Waste (TZW) event. 

Towards Zero Waste

Bellingham SeaFeast will utilize only compostable and recyclable products. Because it’s so confusing to know which bin to place your item into, Bellingham SeaFeast Recycle Hosts will assist at each station. We are certain that by working together, our contribution to the land fill will be miniscule. So, enjoy the delicious feast of the sea, deposit your trash accordingly, and help us “re-spawn-sibly” celebrate and preserve our precious marine and fresh waters.