Towards Zero Waste

Bellingham SeaFeast will utilize only compostable and recyclable products. Because it’s so confusing to know which bin to place your item into, Bellingham SeaFeast Recycle Hosts will assist at each station. We are certain that by working together, our contribution to the land fill will be miniscule. So, enjoy the delicious feast of the sea, deposit your trash accordingly, and help us “re-spawn-sibly” celebrate and preserve our precious marine and fresh waters. 

Let's eat Seafood

Salmon. Halibut. Ling cod. And shellfish, galore - crab, spot prawns, clams, and the delicacy revered in Japan -- the geoduck (say it out loud: "gooey-duck"). All from some of the most renowned, productive fisheries in the world. This is real-deal seafooding.

Whatcom County culinary bounty doesn't end at the sea. We're known globally for berries, for seed potatoes, for astoundingly superb milk and, ideal micro-climate agriculture. Go on, fill your plate. Eat up, explore, eat some more....

You'll have a choice of dozens of our area's finest food trucks and restaurant vendors to satisfy vegan-to vegetarian-to seafood, and, yes, selections if you're a red meat lover, too.